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The section will tell you how to config an intranet asset and connect to your intranet asset. Casvisor uses NAT traversal technology to connect to your intranet asset. You need to deploy a Casvisor agent in your intranet machine. After the agent is connected to the Casvisor server, you can both connect to the intranet RDP asset by Casvisor web UI and other tools like mstsc.

Config Casvisor server

If you want start the NAT traversal service, you need to add gatewayEndpoint in conf/app.conf.

  • The host is your Casvisor server public IP or domain.
  • The port is the port that listens to the Casvisor agent connection request.
gatewayEndpoint = "<host>:<port>"

Config intranet asset

Fill in the required fields that connect to your intranet asset.

  • Name: The hostname of the intranet machine.
  • Category: The category of the asset, select Machine.
  • Protocol: The protocol of the asset, select RDP.
  • Gateway port: The port in the Casvisor server that listens to the user's connection request.

For example, fill in Gateway port with 7000. Then the user can connect to the intranet machine by:

ssh <Username>@<Casvisor server public IP> -p 7000
  • Endpoint: The host or IP of the intranet machine.
  • Port: The port of the application in the intranet machine.
  • Username: The username of the application.
  • Password: The password of the application.


Deploy Casvisor agent

Casvisor agent is the same as Casvisor server, just deploy Casvisor in your intranet machine and start it with the same conf/app.conf as the server.