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Casvisor Support Connect to your assets via RDP protocol:

Rdp connection

  1. Start Guacamole Server

    docker run --name guacd -d -p 4822:4822 guacamole/guacd
  2. Add a new asset, set protocol to rdp add list

    add edit

  3. Connect to your asset by clicking the connect button

    connect asset

Remote App

We support remote app on Windows assets, you can add remote apps on Asset Edit page, and then you can connect to your remote app by clicking the connect button.

  1. Configure your remote app on the server end.
    You can use RemoteApp Tool to register apps. remote app config

  2. Configure the remote app information in the asset edit page according to the server-end configuration. 'remoteAppName', 'remoteAppDir', and 'remoteAppArgs' are required. asset config refer to Configuring Guacamole — Apache Guacamole Manual v1.5.3

  3. Connect to your remote app.

    rmeote app connect